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Teddy Blair

Baby you should keep
Your tattered Teddy Blair
Fling your arms around his fur
'Cause it's like Medicare
Oh come and sleep (oh let me sleep)
With Teddy Blair

I'm not gonna play Rod Steiger
'Cause Steiger looks too tough
I'm not gonna be like iron
'Cause iron is a kind of Thatcher-stuff

Just gonna be
Your Teddy Blair
Put some brass around my neck
And feed you with hot air
Oh come and sleep (oh let me sleep)
With Teddy Blair

Baby think of me,
I'm on your pillow, right,
Hugging you to show I care,
And washing all things white,
Oh come and sleep (I cannot sleep)
With Teddy Blair

I just want to be your Teddy Blair.

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Teddy Blair
A survey found that more than half of all British adults have a childhood teddy bear, and that many of them still sleep with the bear (or leave them in Travelodges, actually). Tony Blair pledged the profits from his memoirs to a charity for wounded servicemen. With apologies to Kal Mann and Teddy Lowe and Elvis
18 August 2010


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