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They're turning off Speedcameron
They say they will not meddle
State aid? They slam the hammer on
And hit the right-foot pedal

Speedcameron will not be used
When laws are rushing through
He will not sit or stand accused
When lives are turned askew

The other day a single mum
Was crossing Sleepy Road
Speedcameron played deaf and dumb
And squashed her like a toad

There isn't any glamour on
The leafy village lanes -
Without the old Speedcameron
The drivers have no brains

They're flooring the accelerator
Pressing ahead at will –
No Speedcameron, so later
Lives and time to kill

Cut says the director
Speedcameron says Cut
Edit out the public sector
Speedcameron says Shut

So if Speedcameron appears
With his stripes and sudden flash
Take him by his eyes and ears
And think of him as trash

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Speed cameras are among the first casualties of cuts to public services, as Cameron and co. whizz about their business
4 August 2010


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