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Airbrush To Justice

Spare the humble airbrush
Which tarts up every angle
And does for skin what any hairbrush
Does for matted tangle
Raise a glass to those whose fix'll
Go that added extra pixel

Bless the loyal censor
Who keeps the truth at bay
The mogadon dispenser
Who swats the hurt away
Here's to those who sanitise
The full extent of Western lies

Praise the steady shredder
That tears the stats to strips
The dead are better deader
Once they have cashed their chips
Pull the curtains, bring the screen
Let us not see what's obscene

The infidel and pagan
The heathen and believer
Are helped out by the spray-gun
That ultimate deceiver
Plug up every Wikileak
It's better that we do not speak

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Airbrush To Justice
The government announced it would crack down on the airbrushing of photographs of models to make them look slimmer. A colossal number of documents, revealing unpalatable truths about the Afghanistan war, were leaked into the public domain.
28 July 2010


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