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The Firing Squad

Ref: the budget:
we have looked into the books,
and, as is traditional, we have howled Foul.
And also blown the whistle.
And also sent off the opposition.

As a coalition, we may shoot
to the right
or to the left
or straight down the middle
but we have only one goal in mind.

We have our eyes on the ball
and we mean to give it
a right good kicking
or a left one
et cetera.

This is not about saving. This is about
picking a sore spot –
an unfortunate metaphor, but there we have it –
and booting the hell-for-leather
under the crossbar.

Remember who brought you down,
how they never tackled
fairly or squarely
and took their eyes off the ball and moved the goalposts
for kicks.

Come to a standstill.
Hold your breath.
Get out of our way, you've been warned, you're the target.
You think it's all over? It is now.

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The Firing Squad
The new government promised doom, and said finances were worse than they thought, as you do. Scientists have worked out the best way to take a penalty.
9 June 2010


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