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Make Your Day

I know what you're thinking.
You're thinking now have I offended
the whole world six times, or
is it seven? Well, to tell

you the truth, to give you
the Palestinian opinion, there are two
kinds of people in this world,
the ones with loaded guns,

the ones who blow their mouths off;
and the others. Your triggers
itch. My mule gets the crazy idea
you're laughing at the law, or,

for a few dollars more,
you can halt a flotilla, at will,
and kill her engines, and, winking,
ask yourself no questions at all.

I know what you're thinking.
That you can chew your cheroot
and shoot, any time of the day or night,
as long as the right people are shot:

I am the pale rider. Well do you
feel lucky, punk? Do you, Netanyahu?

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Make Your Day
Clint Eastwood turned 80. The Israelis stopped a flotilla of ships from breaking a blockade of Gaza by boarding one and shooting ten people dead.
June 2nd 2010


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