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Blue Blood

I'm terribly, terribly posh
and you ask of me, 'Are you embarrassed?' Oh
crikey, oh golly, oh gosh,
it's jolly good fun being aristo.

I can't think of anything cooler
than descent from Chas II and his wenches:
you're guaranteed plenty of moolah.
It's fab and it's so unpretentious:

Being poor is of course a non-starter. We
all of us like the odd bean:
I mean, those who can open an artery
and splash you with ultramarine.

I'm descended from Richmond, Buccleuch,
dukes, you know, both illegitimate:
I love that. I love that, don't you?
Am I common at all? Not a bit of it.

And dosh, gosh I do give two hoots –
helps me ride on Society's pillion.
Overdraft? Laughed at by Coutt's:
could you pop me a couple of million?

Yes, we toffs are terrifically fab
and our mouths are quite crammed with Victorias:
not being aristo's awfully drab,
whereas I am both happy and glorious.

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Blue Blood
Sarah Ferguson – Duchess of York – was caught out in a News of the World sting in which she was found ready to take half a million quid for providing access to Prince Andrew. During the interview with the 'fake sheikh', she remarked, “I'm a complete aristocrat. Love that don't you? I love it. It's tremendously fabulous. But I've never admitted that to anyone by the way.”
26 May 2010


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