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Debatal Attraction

I drone, I groan, I moan, I write in spite.
I own a stone. I scowl, I howl, I growl.
I stall, I wawl, I bawl, I am a right night

I preach. My speech to each is not a lot.
I reach, beseech. I prate, debate, I grate.
I huff, I puff, I'm gruff, a hit-the-spot hot

I bore galore, I jaw, I hex, I vex,
And more, I roar. Tiddly-pom. Therefrom, aplomb.
I josh, talk tosh. And bosh. I'm a flex-pecs sex

Corn, yawn, scorn, brawn, warn, stinkhorn.
Dreary, weary, eerie, bleary, leery, theory.
*****Come the dawn,
You will vote for me, dearie.

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Debatal Attraction
American research suggests that monotonous speakers are more sexually desirable. The prime ministerial 'debates' continued.
21 April 2010


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