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Hitch To Be Rich

I would like to marry you
For surely that's what lovers do
And how much more do I adore
A weekly £2.94

I should like to share my life
To which end, will you be my wife?
My passion grows! It is immense
(Three quid! Well, bar about six pence)

My eyes, which water as you near,
Are wedded to your form, my dear:
What shakes my marital maracas?
A hundred and fifty annual smackers

Although I love you as you are
Let's rush down to the registrar
Should we invest? Of course we oughter
At thirty-seven quid a quarter

This is a passion I can't hide
Come live with me and be my bride
I know that you must be The One
For three bungs, each worth half a ton

Oh let our holy vows be blessed
And think of mutual interest
I must husband, you must wive as
That way we win thirty fivers

Let us say our vows with style
Let cash propel us down the aisle
Marriage! It is just the job
And earns us fifteen hundred bob

Conservatives may well be phoney
But I will vote for matrimony
Since, as I've told the happy vicar
It means a hundred-and-fifty nicker

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Hitch To Be Rich
As an election come-on, the Conservatives offered a tax benefit to married couples of £150 a year.
April 12 2010


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