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Chancellor'd Be A Fine Thing

I am a Liberal Democrat
Whereas I fizz, my pals are flat
I like to hear my praises sung
I hope the Parliament's well-hung

The papers praise my bonhomie
My skill with the Economy
My two opponents flog you tat
I am a Liberal Democrat

I am a Liberal Democrat
A perfect hook to hang your hat
I hate our yah-boo politics
But George and Al are hapless hicks

I offer pain for you to smile at
Hands as clean as Pontius Pilate
I am the cream inside the cat
I am a Liberal Democrat

I am a Liberal Democrat
I'm neither this and never that
I'm multi-coloured, cheerful, chintz and
Please to kneel before St. Vincent

Lloyd George knew my great-great-gran
I am a giant of a man
I'm neither Jack nor Mrs. Sprat
I am a Liberal Democrat

Yes, I'm a Liberal Democrat
Where they are ticks, I am a gnat
They burgled you beyond belief
But I'm a different class of thief

Against a gold or amber backcloth
I stand, a prophet, dressed in sackcloth
They offer gloss, I promise matt
I am a Liberal Democrat

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Chancellor'd Be A Fine Thing
“The Labour government led us into this mess … The Tories presided over two big recessions in office, they wasted most of the North Sea oil revenue, they sold off the family silver on the cheap… The Liberal Democrats are different” – Vince Cable, in the televised 'Three Chancellors' debate, which he was generally adjudged to have 'won'.
March 31 2010


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