the weekly

The Change-Makers

Every day we strip our socks off,
Wear new suits, and re-arrange
Our smiling faces. Turn the clocks off.
Why? I'll tell you. Makes a change.

Every week, we wash our collars,
Wear new wigs. Invent some strange
New jargon. Trade in petro-dollars.
Why? I'll tell you. Makes a change.

Every month, we spread fresh polish
On our shoes. You'll find no mange
In our pet projects. We demolish
Language. Why? It makes a change.

Every year, we oil our tongues up,
Flog a brand new vocal range,
Smarm our throats and grease our lungs up.
Why? Because it makes a change.

Every decade, changing bowlers,
We wear new heads. New Labour hair.
New perm. New term. New Carmen rollers.
What, change? Not me. I'm in the chair.

The Change-Makers
"That's what we have been in New Labour. The change-makers." - Tony Blair, in a speech to the Labour Party conference. He made it clear that he had no intention of resigning in the immediate future.
28 September 2005


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