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Looking For Mr. Good-Enough

I am Mr. Worth-A-Shot
I am Mr. Lucky-Dip
I am Mr. Not-Too-Hot
I am Mr. At-A-Snip
If you're thirty, have no doubt
I'm your Mr. Half-A-Shout

I am Mr. Fairly-Bright
I am Mr. Second Rate
I am Mr. Not-Quite-Right
I'm your Past-His-Sell-By date
Thirty? On a marriage hunt?
I'm your Mr. Worth-A-Punt

Should you chance me? Pretty-Much
I am Mr. Worth-A-Fling
I am Mr. Not-As-Such
I am Mr. Second-String
Thirty? Flirty? Wish to woo?
I'm your Mr. Might-Just-Do

Find yourself perfection? Chance'd
Be a Fine Thing, as you know
I am Mr. Prayer-Half-Answered
I am Mr. So-So, so
If you are one score and ten
I'm your Mr. There-Again

Marry me, a Basement-Bargain
Even though I'm Hobson's Choice
Though I'm Dazs without the Häagen
Though I'm Rolls without the Royce
You are thirty: who wants love?
Better Mr. Push-To-Shove

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Looking For Mr. Good-Enough
"When we're holding out for romantic love, we have the fantasy that this level of passionate intensity will make us happier. But marry¬ing Mr Good Enough might be equally viable, especially if you're looking for a reliable life companion.” - Lori Gottlieb, in her new book Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr Good Enough.
27 January 2010


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