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How could a cad bury ads in a show?
Executive smarties care only for dosh:
Would apple-eyed poets use brand-naming? No:
We play the good fairy, composing our bosch
With a pledge to our readers, keeping them keen
With ultrabrite rhymes and some structural sheen.

Poems are innocent, lovers of flora,
They are buds on a twig – let's be firm – we won't sell:
Every word is a virgin. We care about aura,
For the poor lonely planet, river island and dell.
More than this, though our words may be orange and high-flown,
We care about agents (like the sharp fellows I phone).

There's no bird's eye view if you're writing a paean,
And to finish a capital one is the aim.
Write about time, life, and write for an eon,
But you won't win a lot if you're dropping a name.
Ever ready for honour – and no gap in the text –
A poem's a quality street. Or what next?

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The government is to allow product placement in television programmes.
6 January 2010


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