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Top Of The World, Myrrh

When my heart is too intense
When its valves begin to fur
I don't use gold or frankincense
But turn instead to myrrh

Myrrh in paste and myrrh in ointment
Myrrh in tea or coffee
Myrrh in Marmite, by appointment
Myrrh on toast, in toffee

I used to spread it on my chest
As a rather pleasing whiff
Or kept it lest a guest went west
To smarten up his stiff

But, hunting bad cholesterol,
Like any healthy terrier,
I find that (unlike alcohol)
It's more of myrrh that's merrier

Resolutions, say research,
Aren't worth a farthing fig:
But next year won't be in the lurch
Now myrrh has made it big

I'll give my heart a daily treat
I'll make its motor purr
To help it beat, I vow to eat
A daily pound of myrrh

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Top Of The World, Myrrh
A Saudi researcher claimed that myrrh is good for cholesterol. An English psychology lecturer claimed New Year resolutions were a waste of time (this was news?). The psychologist was one Richard, er, Wiseman. This is not the first time RW has featured in The Weekly Poem. Perhaps he should get out myrrh.
30 December 2009


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