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I Have Not Slept With Tiger Woods

I have not slept with Tiger Woods
I did not swing upon his fairway
And I am not his damaged goods
Have it your way, have it their way

I did not bunk with Ant and Dec
I did not give them tucker trials
They may have cheek, and also neck
But as for me, I'm all denials

I did not flirt with Tony Blair
Nor hunt for mass bugs in his bedding
Nor look for lice, find nothing there
That is merely rumour-spreading

I never chummed with Ringo Starr
I never drummed him or his hi-hat
I don't know where his spare skins are
What you've heard is merely my hat

I haven't had Pete Doherty
Nor snatched him from the slender Moss-hip
I can't sing either, I agree
The rest is very idle gossip

But mainly, all you scandal-queens
With your 'Admit-it-yes-you-should's
Whether in the rough or on the greens
I have not slept with Tiger Woods

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I Have Not Slept With Tiger Woods
More and more women alleged they had slept with golfer Tiger Woods
9 December 2009


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