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Swiss Unroll

I'm filling the holes in my cheese up
And making them straighter – more tidy
The Matterhorn's shut for a freeze-up
And I'm closing the casebook on Heidi
I'm not going ski-ing – I'll give it a miss
I won't be a party to anything Swiss

I'm pouring some acid (sulphuric)
On these very luxurious chocs
And if you're a gnome and from Zurich
Then to hell with your watches and clocks
I'm not blowing Federer even one kiss
I won't be a party to anything Swiss

Your finely-carved cuckoo's been thrown in
A fire. My army knife's out:
If my horse has a hoof with a stone in,
It'll just have to hobble about
You're not guarding the Pope, you are taking the piss
I won't be a party to anything Swiss

Fondue, forget it, and walking-sticks, snap
Your music-box melodies? All of them: banned
Swiss Cottage is not on my underground map
Nestlé is now my least favourite brand
I'm not going yodelling, not after this
I won't be a party to anything Swiss

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Swiss Unroll
The Swiss have banned the building of minarets on mosques. No time to be neutral about it.
2 December 2009


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