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Apollo On Steroids

Roger, the Eagle has landed;
Tony, we're reading each rune;
This lunatic guff
Is toe-curling stuff,
But it's time to go back to the moon.

Think of Apollo on steroids;
Think of the Blairs' pair of clippers -
Think of his face
And its eyes full of space.
Think of Apollo in slippers.

What if the moon-mission falters?
What if the Blair mission fails?
Will we look to the sky
For the real reason why?
Or look very hard at his nails?

It's only a billion smackers –
Not much for the starving to swallow.
Who cares what it's worth,
If it's costing the earth?
Watch those tip-toes: our Tony Apollo.

The moon is a glorious crescent;
It governs the tide and the river.
It's what we live under,
And don't you just wonder
If it's like Tony's toe-nail, a sliver?

Apollo on steroids! It must be.
And so what if we're all out of pocket?
Let us hand him a flag
And a cuticle bag,
And send Tony on history's rocket.

Apollo On Steroids
NASA aims to put men on the moon again by 2018. The technology will be the same, only enhanced: NASA advised us to think of it as “Apollo on steroids”. Tony Blair's nail-clippings are said to have been sent by his wife to a lifestyle guru who interprets such things.
20 September 2005


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