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Listen to the broken bricks,
Listen as it falls,
Listen as the crowds unfix
The wall to end all walls:
East was East and West was West
But in-between is what is best.

Now there's no division
Between the left and right;
Now there's sound and vision,
Day where there was night:
Where was anarchy, there's order;
No more frontier, no more border.

Now of course we're wide awake,
Have shaken off our torpor,
There's no more bankers on the make,
And not a single pauper:
No-one flies five thousand miles
To bomb the innocent in style.

In Africa there are no wars,
No walls which separate:
The rich men have made common cause
With poor men at their gate.
In Gaza, they have had the sense
To not erect an iron fence.

We don't need fancy hand-signs
To tell us we are free,
And of course there are no land-mines
And no subs patrol the sea:
Don't let anyone in error
Tell you that we live in terror.

No horror and no hostages,
The world works as a team,
And Walls are only sausages
And Walls is just ice-cream:
The twenty years have hurried past:
Free, we say, we're free at last.

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It's the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
11 November 2009


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