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Beetle Mania

I can drop a bomb from
Any given height
I can beat your Tom-Tom
Whenever I'm in flight
I can find you when awake or when you're in a slumber
I know every move you make and I have got your number

Never mind your ID
Never mind your iris
No hole will be hidey-
When I bring my virus
No need for remorse, because there's nothing I forgive
I'm a super beetle-bug, and I know where you live

I'm a little Gregor
I'm a tiny Samsa
Rich man or a beggar
I know where your lambs are
For I'm a wolf in cockroach clothes, a hard hat and a shell
And when I bring you heaven I advise you: run like hell

I'll find you in the vomit
Of an earthquake's after-slurries
But you can't buy me in Comet
Nor in PC World nor Curry's
For I'm a super-scarab with a world to spy upon
And I've been sent to get you by a future Pentagon

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Beetle Mania
The University of California, funded by the Pentagon, has worked out how to wire radio receivers into the muscles and brains of beetles.
14 October 2009


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