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Make Advertising History

Click. Come buy my pretty suds,
and browse my fattened catalogue.
It's Christmas. Click. Your tasteless buds
will thrill to fast food. Click. Your dog

deserves a lean and meaty meal,
in jelly. Click. These manly toys
are trigger-happy, almost real
as death. Click. Happy girls and boys

will like this plastic petrol pump
(fuel extra). Click. This doll wears mink,
and pearls and ball-gown. Click. This rump
accompanies the finest drink

of wine. Click. Wash your linen white,
and sense its softness. Click. We pick
the finest ads, know wrong from right:
no politics involved here. Click.

Make Advertising History
A 'Make Poverty History' TV ad has been banned by the regulatory watchdog because it is deemed 'too political'. The ad reminded viewers that someone died from poverty, avoidably, every three seconds, and featured a number of celebrities clicking their fingers at three-second intervals.
14 September 2005


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