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Brown Studies

Everything you read is sleight of prose;
Everything you see is sleight of limb;
Everything you scent is sleight of nose;
Everything we do is slightly dim.

Everything we do's the stuff of myth;
Everything we build will tumble down;
How dull the world if we were Jones or Smith!
Everything about us smells of Brown.

Everything we do can cause confusion;
Everything about us is a scheme;
Everything we do is mere illusion;
Anything we say may make you scream.

Each of us is more than entertainer,
Each of us, a man of secret action.
Each of us is strictly a no-brainer;
Each of us is just a work of faction.

Which of us would you consider vilest?
Which of us would you take home to Mother?
Which of us is what you'd call a stylist?
And can you pick one Brown out from another?

We are a trio riding on a tandem;
We are a cloud of dust in Brownian motion,
Which is to say, our acts are almost random.
We're Browns. Drink down our almost-magic potion.

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Brown Studies
Dan Brown brought out the sequel to The Da Vinci Code. Derren Brown 'predicted' the six lottery balls. About half the population was said to want 'anyone' rather than Gordon Brown as Labour leader.
16 September 2009


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