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Fat Breeds Fat

Exercise may make you fat;
Sport may thwart attempts at slimming.
Your abdomen may not grow flat,
If fighting flab by running, swimming:
Bike it, hike it, pump it, lift it –
Your bulge won't budge. You will not shift it.

Overweight, and grown obese?
Scientists bear sudden witness –
Your dress-size, belt-width won't decrease.
Jogging's not the road to fitness.
If you're following a diet,
Experts argue, Do not try it.

If you're following a plan
To rid yourself of foreign bodies
By ploughing through Afghanistan,
You'll only wind up killing squaddies.
The script won't work, although you wrote it:
Work up a sweat. You'll still be bloated.

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Fat Breeds Fat
“Some surprising studies in America are starting to reveal that even under gruelling training regimes, people fail to lose as much weight as they should.” – The Daily Telegraph.
26 August 2009


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