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Bird's Eye View

I don't want to ruffle your feathers,
But humans, I've found out, are slow.
Just hear how they whinge when the weather's
Against them! (I don't want to crow.)

They talk about debit as credit;
They send off their youngsters to war.
Cretinous? Crackers? You said it.
They wrap food in polythene. Caw.

They think they're God's gift to the planet,
That the world is a very safe haven.
No race can be stupider, can it?
Why not ask any rook, any raven?

While we perch here as happy as Larry on
Branches, they break every law, be-
ing snooty about us. What a carry-on!
It's clear that they're clots, to a corbie.

They're truly as thick as two plankton,
With the IQ of worms, though absurder.
Their penchant for blood can be banked on.
Collective noun for 'em? Try 'murder'.

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Bird's Eye View

A study at Oxford University suggests that crows are capable of a level of logical thinking, forward planning and creativity only normally associated with people. - The Times

12 August 2009


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