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A Taste Of Money

I'm off for a jog, I'm off for a trot,
My belly's, they tell me, gone to pot.
Stop for a sausage, piping hot.

I'll lift my weight on the wooden bars,
I'll hustle my muscles till I see stars,
On the way home, pick Snickers and Mars.

I was size thirty, I'll be size zero,
I'll be the weight-watcher national hero.
Here's a frappacino from Café Nero.

I'll be linear, skinnier, a lover of the land which
Fights the flab and hold up its hand. Ditch
The salt and sweet! Let's stop for a sandwich.

I've got the secret, I've got the slim-key:
Soon all my clothes will be super-skimpy.
Wait just a tick while I whizz to the Wimpy:

Stretch and bend and sway and swing,
Lord Sugar's unfit for absolutely anything.
Macdonald's, Starbuck's, and Burger King.

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A Taste Of Money

Tim Lang, professor of food policy at City University and a government adviser, said politicians' obsession with promoting “choice” was damaging public health. “If I walk to my local park for some exercise,” he said, “I pass more than 30 food outlets before I get there. It's that combination of availability, advertising and seductive taste that makes modern food so addictive. ” - The Times

1 July 2009


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