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I am a grizzled veteran
*****who's read the TV news,
But I'm a seasoned journo and
*****I've been a frontline hack.
I've made my way, I've had my say,
*****I've also paid my dues:
In fact you may conclude that I have
*****been to hell and back.
How else to be the man who reads
*****the tele-prompt so clear?
How else to shuffle papers
*****with a widget in my ear?

I've spoken to the nation
*****about death, disease, disaster,
Announced the fall of governments,
*****and many wars abroad.
I've spoken to prime ministers.
*****I am the perfect master
Of feeding you with bulletins
*****that must not be ignored.
How else to be the man who greets
*****the camera with brains?
How else to josh the weatherman
*****who tells us how it rains?

But now I am retiring
***** (and will get my proper honour),
And find my place is taken by
*****a face above a frock –
I am not bitter, not at all,
*****but heap my curses on her:
How many times, I ask you, has
*****the girl been round the block?
What has she got which qualifies
*****her for the awful pressure?
Am I so ugly, honestly?
*****And is she so much fresher?

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Eye No Candy
Peter Sissons, retiring from his role as BBC news presenter, lambasted Natasha Kaplinsky, a former BBC news presenter now with Channel 5, in a pompous and intemperate way. 'I suppose any bright woman with good looks who can make herself a million a year must be doing something right,' he moaned.
17 June 2009


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