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Wild Bores

1 Ken Clarke

Choose me, I am a perfect pig:
I root, I'm tough, I love to truffle.
I huff, I puff, my belly's big –
Where there is undergrowth, I scuffle.

2 Malcolm Rifkind

I am an eager beaver, filled
With promises. My tale is flat.
Such elegance! I like to build
A dam. I am a giant rat.

3 David Cameron

I'm young and hungry, lithe and lean,
The predator to fix our jinx.
I roll on, and I like to preen –
Or spray you with my scent. It's Lynx.

4 David Davis

How smooth I am, on silent feet,
The leader of the pack, no fuss.
I prowl about, howl, violent-sweet,
Seem practically anonymous.

Wild Bores
According to “The Independent”, Scotland is proposing to re-introduce the wild boar, the lynx, the grey wolf and the beaver to the Highlands. The battle for the Conservative Party leadership quietly gained momentum.
31 August 2005


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