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Slim Chance

I am morbid, I am gross:
please feed me an extra dose.
Don't care if it means diarrhoea:
think about the climate, dear.
Perhaps you'll
give me a capsule?

I'm not tubby, I'm immense:
here's my pound and sixty pence.
It's not that I think I'm colossal:
I'm saving all the fuel that's fossil.
Enough gab, let
me have a tablet.

Here's my tyre, far too spare:
give me drugs and hear my prayer.
It's not because they say I weigh a
ton. It's for the ozone layer.
No more swill-box –
fill my pill-box.

Yes, my bum looks big in this:
some tabs will give me flab-less bliss.
Who cares for the side-effect? –
there's the third world to protect.
I'm a shopper
for a party-popper.

Glaciers melt. The water's rising:
feed me Alli, I'm downsizing.
Sex? Eat less? That's far too hard:
chemist, cure my tub of lard.
The no-fat pellet!
So sell it!

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Slim Chance
Two oddly parallel stories appeared. Weight-loss drugs like Alli can now be purchased over the counter at pharmacies, although their benefit is disputed. In a separate report, it was suggested that countries with a higher percentage of obese people cause much higher rates of greenhouse gas emissions.
22 April 2009


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