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Noddy II

Yes, never mind all things - which must pass -
Like Rocky, James Bond, Gordon Brown:
Though Noddy's collecting his bus-pass,
He will still be our man about town.

There's a crime-wave which has to be stopped, or
We'll drown in a lake of perdition,
So Noddy'll fly out in his 'copter
And his lasers will fix your position.

His close-circuit cameras will catch you;
His Big Ears will hear what you're saying.
If you're bankers, then Noddy will snatch you;
If you're goblins, you'd better start praying.

The suburbs are clean. Now the rough end
Of Toytown needs help with its health.
Noddy's car has been carefully toughened;
And Noddy is flying a Stealth.

Is it you who is making the globe hot?
Are you married or widowed or single?
Take care. Noddy has a new robot,
And his cap has a vicious new jingle.

Don't think you can hide underwater
If your morals are those of a grub,
Because Noddy will give you no quarter
When he launches his N-powered sub.

Yes, God – also Plod – is on furlough,
For it's Noddy who must be obeyed.
Listen. His blades start to whirl - so
Look out for the next Noddy raid.

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Noddy II
Noddy, who is 60 this year, is to get a new TV series. He will be “equipped with some new vehicles: in addition to his trade-mark yellow and red car, he now has a helicopter, monster truck and submarine,” according to a press release. This will help him to visit some lesser known parts of Toytown.
15 April 2009


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