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Growing Up

I am an anti-social type,
And won't respect your space,
I speak a special kind of tripe
And push it in your face.

My fuse is very, very short,
My actions coarse and crude,
And, left alone to have a think,
I am inclined to brood.

I like to boast, I like to strut,
I mix up rights and wrongs,
And sing, when I am quarter-cut,
Some very stupid songs.

Of course, I'm tricky to predict:
I seldom know the time.
And you should see the spots I've picked
To carry out a crime.

They say that it is in the brain,
They say it's in the cells,
That we are fated, can't refrain
From being ne'er-do-wells.

Sex and drugs, and rockets, too –
A long-list of abuse.
But we are presidents, and who
Will give us an excuse?

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Growing Up
Scientists from Maryland (why is it always Maryland? Ed.) have discovered that teenage behaviour is not hormonal, but the result of 'brain pruning', a process which means that teenagers lose 1% of their brains each year. North Korea fired a rocket 'capable of carrying a warhead', but which allegedly launched a satellite playing revolutionary songs.
April 8 2009


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