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I am a man, eat parmesan
in righteous indignation:
and here, I've drawn my final plan
for dealing with deflation.

CDs? I do not go for those - they
went out with the Ark.
Wine-box? No, I'm drinking rosé
in the cold and dark.

Don't give me your frozen chicken,
drumsticks thick with frost -
let me watch the storm-clouds thicken,
as long as they don't cost.

Bring me eggs and MP4
and online DVDs,
and lay some hardwood on my floor,
but no more cameras, please.

I am a man of anoraks
not formal coats (high class);
I'll chew my plums and pay less tax,
my arse upon the grass.

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The Guardian noted the results of a survey into changes in spending as a result of the recession and other changes. Out have gone digital cameras, video recorders, CD players, frozen chickens, men's formal overcoats and plastic garden furniture...
25 March 2009


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