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The Race Is To the Swift

Long life is not in God's great gift,
According to the Alpine swift –
We've had its genes out for a sift
And found that, if we catch their drift,
We'll live forever.

Research should make us last with ease
For several hundred centuries.
Methusaleh, move over, please:
A thousand years should be a breeze
With swift endeavour.

The pensioner will, centre-stage,
Call youth what we call middle-age,
Turn history by book, not page,
Take years to pay a sinner's wage,
Or even, never.

Yes, ageing – men and women, both –
A horde will swear a millennial oath,
And time will pass them like a sloth.
Hmmm. What of population growth?
Not so clever.

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The Race Is To the Swift

Scientists at Glasgow University think that the genes in swifts hold the key to human longevity.

with apologies to Ecclesiastes

18 March 2009


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