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Those who can do

I've made such a mess of my talents;
I've made such a hash of my job;
I cannot keep order or balance;
I'm down to my very last bob.

I've run out of suitable fables;
I can't explain why we're all skint;
I cannot do sums, recite tables;
I can't take advice or a hint.

I'm parked by some broken computers;
I'm asked to make sense of my stock;
I'm addled; I've run out of suitors;
I think that my brains are in hock.

I'm surrounded by multiple moaners;
I keep making simple mistakes;
I won't get a rise or a bonus;
I'm a sucker who doesn't get breaks.

But the ministers say they'll re-train me:
Perhaps they are showing me pity.
But at least they'll be setting my brain free –
Yes, I can't wait to work in the City.

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Those who can do
The government is offering city 'high-fliers' the chance to re-train as teachers, in six months, because they're losing their jobs in the recession.
11 March 2009


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