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Strictly Come Franchising

Kick your heels and do the rhumba:
Pick Strictly jim-jams for more slumber.

Shift your hips and do the foxtrot:
Strictly kilts mean you're a mock-Scot.

Swing your skirts and bossa nova:
Strictly eggs are top range ova.

Clack your soles and pasa doble:
With Strictly's peerage, bribe them nobly.

Strut your stuff and do the tango:
Strictly chutney, strictly mango.

Swirl and twirl and do the waltz:
Try our Strictly liver salts.

Leap and lunge and jump and jive:
Buy this Strictly four-wheel drive.

Move to music, cha-cha-cha:
Strictly sells a first-foot spa.

Madison to old Joe Loss:
Strictly's brand is not J.Ross.

Swivel quickly, do the twist:
Strictly's gin slings get you pissed.

Do the wiggle, join the jig:
Snap up Brucie's Strictly wig.

Raise your hands and Highland Fling:
Cash for Strictly anything.

There are price tags stuck to all whom
You have glimpsed in Strictly's ballroom.

Buy the mirror, buy the smoke:
The BBC is Strictly broke.

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Strictly Come Franchising
The BBC is to cash in on Strictly Come Dancing's success by selling, according to The Guardian, 'a range of branded products, including nightwear, glitter balls and iPod covers'. The Corporation is also pleading shortage of cash as the reason for reducing the pay packets of many of its top stars.
4 February 2009


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