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Recession Flu

I'm a dead one, I'm a goner, see,
All my tootsies have turned brown:
No more credit, false Economy,
Watch the FTSE falling down:
All my zones are un-erogenous
Now my growth is not endogenous.

Sticky-brittle as a glue meringue,
I am dust, and I am broke,
I am merely bust-and-boomerang,
Skittled, skint, and bound to croak:
Dying here beyond our means, we can
Blame it on the dour Keynesian.

Life is grim and unenjoyable,
Tubes are phlegm-filled, veins are furred;
Every limb is unemployable
Since the market crash occurred:
Can't think straight, have turned irrational
Since our debts went international.

Wait a tick, they're contradictory –
Here's a prof who disagrees!
End of cough, and brand new victory
Over credit crunch disease:
Here's his stats! They're champagne-drinkable!
Recession? Freshen up, unsinkable!

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Recession Flu
The Telegraph reported various academic studies which showed that recession had a dire impact on health, as well as a study which showed that unemployment improved longevity.
28 January 2009


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