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Distinctive Mongolian Eyes

If you've nothing at all to declare
but are thinking of wearing disguise,
hire a beard, but better not wear
distinctive Mongolian eyes.

When you are leaving your flat
and you're tempted to cause a surprise,
swipe a strange hat, but leave it at that:
no distinctive Mongolian eyes.

Innocent though you may be,
here is a word to the wise:
dress up as a tree, but don't seem to see
through distinctive Mongolian eyes.

Distinctive Mongolian eyes
are a badge, like a burqa or kilt:
even if real, they are sure to give rise
to a sudden suspicion of guilt.

You may be whiter than white,
but this is what I would advise:
many take fright at even the sight
of distinctive Mongolian eyes.

Distinctive Mongolian Eyes
One of the reasons given for the mistaken shooting in a tube train of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes was apparently that he had “distinctive Mongolian eyes”.
17 August 2005


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