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Pooh III

In the 40.5 Hectare Wood
(Once Hundred Acre, of course),
A Bear With No Brain, with a Piglet in train,
Meets a Donkey, who's filled with remorse.

'I put all my money on Tiggers,'
Claims Eeyore, with singular wryness.
'Though I plumbed in a sauna, the House on Pooh Corner
Won't sell, and its equity's minus.'

'It was like this,' says Christopher Robin,
'Just after our tale, way back when.'
'That's perfectly true', answers Winnie-the-Pooh:
'It's a proper bear market again.'

'Back then we made shed-loads,' claims Kanga,
'And made pots, all for Alan A. Milne.'
Says Rabbit, 'The fact's that we all may be sacked.'
Cries Pooh 'Will they fire the kiln?'

'I am not playing Pooh-stocks,' says Owl,
'Nor Pooh-shares, they're all of a pother.'
'Will new readers state what their interest rate
Is?' asks Eeyore. And Pooh adds, 'Oh, Bother.'

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Pooh III
A new, approved Winnie-the-Pooh book is to be published in 2009, 83 years since the original and 81 years since its original sequel, and also 80 years since the Wall Street Crash.
15 January 2009


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