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Bored Inspector

I am a bored inspector, a red pen in my paw.
I do not understand why schools are dropsical and dull.
I'd like to show these amateurs the window or the door.
I yawn and doodle on my pad. I'd like to start a cull.

I am bored inspector, and I wear a decent suit.
I'd like to take my holiday, in Bournemouth or in Hove.
I listen to these lessons, and there's no-one gives a hoot.
I wish I had the teacher's head inside a leaky stove.

I am a bored inspector. I am interesting, myself.
I have a clipboard handy, and a tick-box I can tick.
In any other business, I would sit upon a shelf.
I wish these educationists would cease. They make me sick.

I am a bored inspector, and I'm fastened to my seat.
When the profs said 'We need OFSTED', they didn't stop to think.
These teachers! All they do is to repeat, repeat, repeat.
I am a bored inspector. Put these teachers into clink.

I can't go on. I can't go on. I can't go on like this.
I am a bored inspector, and I think I have been snoring.
I write reports in sleep, and I vote each class a Miss.
Thank goodness that inspectors, although bored, are never boring.

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Bored Inspector
“OFSTED is to launch a crackdown on "boring" teaching in response to concerns that children's behaviour is deteriorating because they are not being stimulated enough in class.” – The Guardian.
7 January 2009


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