the weekly


I watched The Magnificent Seven
I've watched all of Star Wars and Jaws
And The African Queen and Holiday Inn
And The Wizard Of Oz is on pause

I've eaten the breast of the turkey
I've eaten the wings and the skin
I've eaten the legs and the gravy's last dregs
And the bag that the giblets came in

I've seen Christmas Carol (The Muppets)
It's A Wonderful Life and Key Largo
And The Fall Of The Roman Empire, The Snowman
And Carry On Doctor Zhivago

I've toasted my wife by the fire
I've roasted my children some conkers
I've doused the plum pudding with brandy and rum
And pulled all the festival plonkers

I've watched Morecambe and Wise (André Previn)
And Steptoe, the Royles (here's to Nana)
And Porridge and Sorry, Eastenders and Corrie
And the funeral of Princess Diana

The whole thing seemed oddly familiar
When I also watched Top Of The Pops
Still, it's now Christmas Eve, so I'm ready to leave –
What? I'm just popping down to the shops

Click here for the Telegraph story.

It was said that a higher proportion of repeats were scheduled for terrestrial television than over any other Christmas: 500 hours worth over the holiday period, including almost all of the films.
23 December 2008


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