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Blood Lines

If you're cut out by your editors,
If you can't eat crabmeat, mussels,
If you can't catch up with creditors,
It's all down to your corpuscles:
Get the wrong stuff in your vein,
All your life goes down the drain.

If addicted to a drug, you'll a-
ppreciate the news from Nippon:
Best inspect your bulging jugular –
That's what you should get a grip on:
Round and round the reddle flows,
It's the source of all your woes.

Your whole world will soon be beggared if
You don't run your blood cells by me –
Acting like you're AB Negative?
And you're O? Oh dear, gore-blimey.
Change your ways, or when you're old
You're bound to find your blood runs cold.

Yes, you're perfect as Pinnochio,
But your life may be a crud-pipe,
If your partner (so says Tokyo)
Doesn't share your super blood-type:
What helps love, or your career?
Why, haematology, my dear.

Click here for the Guardian story.

Blood Lines
Japan's best-selling books include many which suggest that your blood-type is the clue to how to manage your life.
Wednesday 10 December


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