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Bibby Dazzlers

Malefactors, rule infractors,
Those the courts award what-for,
Those who prate against the state:
Wear the Letters Of The Law.

All offenders, all horrendous,
All who scorn the national team,
Let us taunt them as they flaunt
Our appalling colour-scheme.

Twisters are not fashionistas:
Let them suffer after trial.
Unrepentants, here's your sentence –
Wear your shame in Jack-Straw style.

Those who cadge must wear a badge,
Let the public know they sin:
Scarlet letter? We'll do better
Than they did to Hester Prynne.

Hey Jack, say the gangs on Payback,
Haven't you gone quite insane?
Politicos, here's your red nose,
Or (brand-new plan) your mark of Cain.

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Bibby Dazzlers
Under a new Home Office scheme announced by the Minister for Justice, Jack Straw, those undertaking community service will have to wear bright orange bibs with the words 'Community Payback' emblazoned on them in purple and green, front and back.
3 December 2008


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