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Wonders of the World

Why not create the ancient age,
its epic scale, its bravery,
the way men strode the giant stage,
the art (and also slavery)?

If you've two hundred million quid,
and really can't be arsed,
why not re-work what ancients did,
and sanctify the past?

Where else might you expend such cash?
How else to help the cause?
Is anywhere you know mere ash,
and flattened by mere wars?

Why should such wonder not be carved,
and sculpted out of arms?
It's not as if the world's half-starved,
and running out of farms.

And when it's done, take Babylon
to re-create its gardens.
They're hanging there; they're hanging on.
Hear how the old heart hardens.

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Wonders of the World

2300 years after it fell down in an earthquake, the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, is to be re-built at a cost of £200 million pounds. It will be built partly of melted down weapons, to symbolise peace.

19 November 2008


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