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End Of The Beer Show

All hands - to the pumps
The figures bring no cheer
Landlords down in many dumps
Small beer

West and east, north, south
There's trouble brewing – ale
Landlords froth and foam at mouth
No sale

The glass is half-full
Bars are not a-twitter
Landlords feel the push, not pull

Counters, no number
Think how the punters laughed
Landlords feel it in their slumber -
A draught

Winter's a whole drought
No drunk with his festive carol
Landlords fear they cannot roll out
The barrel

Shut down the far bar
Close the saloon bar too
Landlords hear no brouhaha
No brew

Click here for the BBC story about the beer industry decline.

End Of The Beer Show
There has been a huge decline in beer-drinking.
29 October 2008


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