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Dai's Diet

No, don't eat a Prestatyn piglet
Or put Tiger Bay prawns on your plate
Don't look at a Templeton Twiglet
Or you'll put on some terrible weight

They're corpulent out in Caerphilly
Where cheese turns a child to a chump
Eat bangers in Bangor? How silly –
Don't do it, you'll wind up too plump

Don't eat up the Tydfil in Merthyr
Don't eat any product from Heinz
Do you want to be known as Big Bertha
When your ancestors went down the mines?

Eat your veg and your fruit every week, come
Rain or come rain (weather's grim)
You don't want to be Harry Secombe
Cut blubber from Wales, kids: be slim

Click here for the BBC story about Marmite.


Click here for the BBC story about ketchup.

Dai's Diet
Marmite and ketchup were banned from the menus of (different) Welsh schools
14 October 2008


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