the weekly


I've added James Bond as a Friend.
007 is now Friends with me.
I have a new case-book
so searched him on Facebook,
though he hasn't a Cambridge degree.

Played Wordscraper. Beat Mata Hari.
I SuperPoked Smiley (mistake).
Used a new Application
to scour the nation
for aspiring young spooks on the make.

Bebo and MySpace don't cut it:
and an ad in The Times won't recruit.
But on Facebook, one peeks
at a whole range of geeks
who would love to be licensed to shoot.

M wants to give you this message:
there are spy perks too many to mention –
if you want double-O style,
please open your Profile.
Just think of that government pension.

Click here for the story in The Guardian.

MI6, the British intelligence agency, is recruiting via Facebook.
30 September 2008


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