the weekly


Dear Miss, all my homework's been burgled:
it's being auctioned online as we speak.
Some kid's on the snaffle
and a worldwide e-raffle
has claimed it. Miss, one extra week?

Dear Doctor, my body's been lifted:
it's for sale on an internet site.
I was due for a check
from the knees to the neck,
but I'm naught but an aura (not bright).

Dear God, my whole soul has been stolen:
they've placed it on eBay. One bid
will win all its details
and some say it retails
for just short of thirty-five quid.

Dear Me! My identity's vanished:
it's been nicked for a virtual bazaar.
but the sellers are failures -
I'd borrowed an alias,
and the buyers won't know who they are.

Click here for the BBC story.

Click here for the article on Bill Greenwell's site about invasion of privacy.

A computer server with details of millions of bank accounts was sold on eBay. The buyer turned it in.
27 August 2008


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