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I am the new medallion man,
A clipboard in my fist,
A spreadsheet and an action plan,
A bullet-pointed list.
It matters not who’s won or lost:
Let’s focus on investment cost.

Our strategy is rolling out
A four-year funding mission,
Ensuring that each race or bout
Delivers competition.
It matters not what sport’s attractive:
But track and field must be proactive.

I saw them row, I heard applause,
I heard the pedalled medals cheered,
I glimpsed them in the great outdoors,
But when the crowds have disappeared,
I’ll stand here, and I will not swerve,
To build up London’s learning curve.


With ‘Team GB’ accruing sixteen Olympic medals (and counting), much to the distress of the Australian press, spokesmen for the London 2012 Olympics appeared on the radio with much talk of ‘targeted delivery’ of sporting success. The verb ‘to medal’ was used, as in ‘to win medals’.
19 August 2008


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