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Immaterial Material Goods

It wouldn't start. It would not pass
Inspection as a goer.
I thought it was a supergrass,
But no. I shot my mower.

I had my TV dinner made,
Prepared my meal to shove in.
I thought it didn't make the grade.
Bang bang. I shot my oven.

I visited my frigidaire.
'Is there some food there, please sir?'
It offered me a rigid stare –
So I shot it in the freezer.

I kept it in the back-room. Why?
It sucked, was out of kilter.
Nature abhors a vacuum. I
Have shot it through its filter.

Take TV's 'international news':
The facts don't seem to figure.
Its lies gave me the highway blues.
My finger itched the trigger.

Machines can drive a man insane,
But I've got them on the run –
So tell me, make me right as rain:
How will I shoot my gun?

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Immaterial Material Goods
Milwaukee's Keith Walendowski shot his lawn-mower. He faces a fine of up to $11000, and a six-month sentence.
29 July 2008


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