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Recorded Delivery

Dear darling, I know that I said that I'd
be home next week for dinner,
but I'm sitting here, far beneath a tide
of print-offs, growing thinner.

And while I sift through the drifting spam,
where the grammar is inferior,
where legatees in a dreadful jam
type to you from Nigeria,

I'm listening in, and at double speed,
to a flurry of mobile messages,
one each ear – they begin to bleed –
for the terror each sender presages,

with one eye cocked (it's quite hard work, it
keeps you alert, however)
at the stammering camera-work (closed circuit).
Really a grand endeavour.

There are seven million at MI5,
but we're none of us humble cogs –
we're ensuring that freedom must survive,
that we don't go to the dogs –

still, sorry, darling, that I'm late. Remiss.
Kiss the kids. They've begun to grow?
I don't want anyone reading this,
so I've sent it by carrier crow.

Click here for the story in The Guardian.

Recorded Delivery
Richard Thomas, the government's information commissioner, said that proposals to record and store all phone calls and emails on a national database were 'a step too far'.
July 16 2008


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