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A Real Girlfriend

Don't you think I'm kind of cute?
These are lips for which you'll thrill, for
Other girls just can't compute:
These are lips the world would kill for.

Give a break an even sucker,
That's my folksy kind of phrase –
Come up close and watch me pucker.
Let me see your old eyes glaze.

I'm a hired firecracker,
Though my power shrinks each week –
I will give you one great smacker,
I was built by one fine geek.

When you feel my candy kisses,
When I suck upon your tongue,
You will know what Stealth and Bliss is.
All your withers will be wrung.

Treat my mouth as your narcotic,
I won't ever give a damn –
I will find your home exotic
(Though I don't know where I am).

I'm a pool, and you're the diver –
Swim in this, my sweet charade:
While you drool with warm saliva,
Here's my end-of-business card.

Click here for the story as reported on IBNLive.

A Real Girlfriend
Sega Toys of Japan have made a doll called EMA ('Eternal Maiden Actualisation') which can pucker its lips and kiss. A spokesman said 'Though she's not human, she can act like a real girlfriend.' She can also hand out business cards, sing and dance. Oh, and she's 38 centimetres tall. George Bush said farewell to Europe.
18 June 2008


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