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Monsters Inc

History consists of chapters,
And many are absurd –
But now we find that ancient raptors
Evolved into the bird.
And many of you must have clapped as
Brown came through (you did!)
But who'd have thought that he'd adapt as
One Colossal Squid?

Hiding in the brontosaurus
Was chicken (also egg);
We thought the dawning Brownite chorus
Would shake the nation's leg.
Big as a bull (in Latin, Taurus),
He rose to take The Job:
And now what's this that melts before us,
Gelatinous, a blob?

Gordon came; his world, ambrosian,
Was ancient, rich, and rare –
From the deep he came, the chosen
Olden Labour heir –
But now his prehistoric prose 'n'
Poetry sound duff.
And now we see him, quite unfrozen,
With tentacles and stuff.

Click here for the story about chickens and dinosaurs in The Times.

Click here for the story about the Colossal Squid in The Telegraph.

Monsters Inc
A 'Colossal Squid' – described as 'a gelatinous blob with seriously evil arms' - is to be defrosted after a year in storage. Scientists now think that chickens evolved from dinosaurs. Gordon Brown's Labour Party braced itself for a pasting in council and other elections, having sunk to a low point in the opinion polls.
30 April 2008


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