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Sex and the Single Monarch

Glory be to Vera Baird
and Gero Miesenböck,
who know a man's a woman,
as a woman is a man:
republicans can aim an axe
at male or female neck –
either gender gets it
in the revolution's plan.

Of course, while talking axes,
there's a shortcut they could take,
which might save time and money,
and involve a lot less fuss –
give the House of Wessex-Windsor
a final tax-free break,
and share their banks and business
between the rest of us.

Another thing that's 'rubbish',
just to quote the blessed Vera,
is lasering the fruitfly
while investigating gender:
dear Minister, here is a thought
(I cannot make it clearer) –
pop royals and Herr Miesenböck
inside a giant blender.

Click here for the monarchy story in The Telegraph.

Click here for the fruitfly story in The Independent.

Sex and the Single Monarch
Solicitor-General Vera Baird is pushing a bill through Parliament which will allow elder children to succeed to the throne regardless of whether they are male or female. She described the current rules as 'a load of rubbish'. An Austrian scientist, Gero Miesenböck, has used lasers on female fruit-flies to cause them to sing male love-songs. He concluded that brains are 'largely bisexual or unisex'.
23 April 2008


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